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The Brandow Group is a family business. There is a loyalty among the team members that makes its way through to every client. We believe in building trusting, long-term relationships with each person who offers us the opportunity to work as their representatives.

Our clients have unique circumstances and needs, and it is our goal to provide services that are tailored to each individual. We want to provide so much value that you will enthusiastically refer your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to us because you want them to receive the same outstanding service. Your ultimate satisfaction is the key to the future of our business.

You need not be referred, but will be served so well that you would want to refer others. We want to be your “Real Estate Consultants… For Life!”

Barbara Brandow

Sales Representative; team leader

Barb Brandow laid the foundation for what would grow to become The Brandow Group. Working (and succeeding!) through the difficult conditions of the early 1990’s, she developed the resilience and determination that still defines her work ethic.

“I’ve been a teacher and caregiver for most of my working career and that didn’t change when I got into real estate.”

With that statement, Barb describes how she approaches her work as a Real Estate professional.  Driven by a passion for protecting and educating her clients, she takes pride in her attention to detail and her ability to make deals that result in satisfied buyers and sellers.

Since becoming licensed in 1990, Barb has relied on open and honest communication to create relationships based on trust and a real understanding of each client’s individual needs.  As market cycles change, that communication becomes ever more important, and the depth of experience she has gained over the last 28 years provides a real benefit to her clients.

In reflecting on her career, Barb sums up her feelings this way: “Although real estate has its challenges, it has been an honour and a privilege to help many achieve their dream of home ownership.”

Tyson Brandow

Sales Representative; team leader

Tyson is the technological heart of the Brandow Group.  His understanding of online and social media marketing, branding, and market statistics result in effective exposure of each property that is listed through the group.  Bringing both energy and expertise, he works diligently to connect the right buyers and sellers through the most current and efficient methods available.

He works to remain up-to-date, often enrolling in training courses and making time to rub shoulders with others who are using new technologies with great success.

According to Tyson, it’s still all about the client: “With technology constantly changing it is essential for us to keep updating and changing our systems. This ability means that our clients get the best experience possible”.

Despite being practical and analytical, Tyson is also a patient and calm presence during the inevitably stressful experience of buying or selling a home.  As an investor and home owner himself, he can relate to the feelings that his clients are having, and he does everything in his power to ensure that each transaction leaves his clients feeling that they received top-notch service.

Tanya DiNicolantonio

Sales Representative; Buyer Specialist

Coming from a background in Rental Property Management and residential renovations, Tanya brings with her an understanding of what is involved in owning property for either personal or investment purposes.  The ability to envision the long-term results of a decision is an important part of providing guidance to clients who are unsure which way to proceed.

“I have been a property owner, a buyer and a seller.  I’ve sat and waited for an offer that felt like it would never come, and I have received multiple offers in a super-heated market.  My husband and I have flipped properties together, and we felt the roller coaster of emotions with each experience.  It helps me, as a realtor, to come from a place of empathy for my clients any time they are feeling stressed by the process.”

Being relatively conservative by nature, Tanya works to protect each client’s investment and equity as best she can by offering research to support her recommendations.  She will never pressure anyone to make a decision before they are truly ready, because it is more important to her to maintain trust than to complete a single sale.

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian. (Also some conversational Spanish and ASL)