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To ensure that your home sells for the most money in the shortest time with the fewest headaches, effective marketing is crucial. Always choose a Real Estate Team that has a well-established track record of delivering a powerful and dynamic marketing plan time after time.

You will probably want to know what we do to get your home sold…but more importantly, you will want assurance that our methods work! We are proud to provide our current statistics, client testimonials, past sales and, of course, our marketing plan below:



Our Sold Listings


    To be a successful fisherman, an angler must know where his desired catch lives, and what bait appeals to them. Likewise, to attract the right buyers [i.e., qualified, ready, and willing], a seller must know where those buyers can be found, and what they are looking for.

    According to the National Association of Realtors, here is a breakdown of where buyers come from in 2017.

    By focusing on the top four categories and having a strategy for each, we ensure that 93% of today’s buyers are seeing your home.

    Gone are the days when newspaper ads and postcards are the way to market an available property. Modern buyers demand something more dynamic and interactive, and we work hard to rise to the challenge!

    Here’s how we market your home*:


    The channels we use to market your home online are as follows:

    Realtor.caThe Multiple Listing Service database provides these listings to the public, and buyers can view detailed listing information even if they do not have an agent yet.
    Remax.caThis brokerage site actually out performs in mobile search due to its high standards for mobile friendly technology and accessibility.
    CREA’s DDFThe Data Distribution Facility sends out your listing to thousands of other websites, ensuring maximum exposure. This includes geographically targeted or neighbourhood sites as well as a national database.  Our website is our home base from which we advertise on social media platforms to drive traffic to your listing.
    FacebookThis is a big one! With 2.2 billion active monthly users, there is good reason for us to use this tool. Here, we promote your listing, not only to our sphere of influence, but also to thousands of people whose profiles indicate that they may be interested in your home. We target who sees your ad. For example, to sell a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom house on an acre in the country, we would not advertise to first-time buyers or retirees. Move-up buyers (35-55) with children and pets are a more likely market, and would be our targeted audience.
    Facebook Market PlaceWe are active members in many “buy and sell” groups in the Hamilton area. These groups have between 8,000-17,000 members. We share your listing on these pages with great response.
    InstagramWith 800 million users, this is a powerful platform. Like Facebook, Instagram gives us great reach and creates awareness of your property. With nearly 5000 people following our Instagram account, your listing gets significant exposure!
    YouTubeSecond only to its big brother, “Google,” YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It would be a mistake not to have your property on this platform. We can create high quality HD videos of your home to share on YouTube and many other social platforms. Our YouTube channel has had approximately 40,000 visitors in the past year.
    KijijiKijiji is a local powerhouse when it comes to marketing your property to buyers. We do not neglect the “tried and true.”
    Individual Property WebsiteYour home gets its own website! This allows us to use a custom domain (i.e.. to give buyers a direct link to all the important information about your home.

    Depending on the value of your property, here are some other websites that may feature your home:

    Mansionglobal.com2.3M monthly unique users each month 42.4M digital readers each month
    WeChat1/2 Billion Chinese customers “Who’s Who” in Luxury Real Estate - 360,000 monthly visitors Exclusive RE/MAX Luxury Global Website with properties in over 100 countries around the world. Exclusive RE/Max Canada Luxury Website RE/MAX Escarpment’s Luxury Website with lifestyle and community portal.

    *If you have a luxury home and would like more information about these sites, we would be pleased to provide the qualifying values and requirements for submission.


    When considering the next two marketing strategies, remember that 31% of buyers found their home as a direct result of their Real Estate Agent.

    Inter office message board

    We share your listing with all the agents in our office by means of a digital message board. Remax Escarpment Realty is number #1 in sales in the Hamilton/Burlington Real Estate Board, having held that distinction since 1994. With nearly 700 top-performing realtors, this resource is invaluable for gaining exposure for your property.

    Toronto Real Estate Board

    Astronomical increases in home prices in the GTA are causing a mass exodus. As a result, Hamilton is seeing an influx of Toronto /GTA buyers relocating to our area. We think it makes practical sense to have a marketing plan in place to attract these buyers. That’s why we list your home on the Toronto Real Estate Board. Last year, Toronto home buyers accounted for 30% of our sales, yet relatively few local sales representatives market effectively to the agents representing these buyers.


    We LOVE signs and use LOTS of of them!! This includes “For Sale” signs, sign riders, directional signs, open house signage, and more. Buyers often drive around areas they like, looking for houses that catch their eye. If they see a home that interests them, they often use the information on the sign to learn more. How effective are signs? Remember that 7% of home buyers found their homes this way! According to our MLS sales data, over 700 buyers eventually bought the home they first called from a sign last year!

    Professional Photos

    Remember the saying: “A picture is worth thousand words?” Truer words have never been spoken when listing a property for sale. A large majority of buyers are house-hunting online. If they see beautiful photos, they look longer and often set up an appointment to see the house in person. If they see poor-quality photos, they move on to the next. You cannot afford to make this mistake! Bad photos will cost you thousands of dollars. According to a survey of home buyers done by The National Association of Realtors, pictures are the most important thing they look for on a real estate website. We hire skilled and experienced photographers for your home. Take a look at our sold listings and see for yourself.

    Professional HD Video

    Did you know that nearly 80% of content consumed on the internet is now video? 80%! And that number is expected to grow quickly. Now that you’re aware of that figure, does it seem wise to have a professional video in your marketing plan? We utilize professional HD video to entice home shoppers to come see your home!

    Matterport Tours 

    The best way to describe what a Matterport Tour is is to show you. Click the link to learn more. It’s awesome!

    3D Virtual Guide

    Studeo Interactive Brochures 

    Same as above. This unique tool allows us to market your home with pictures, video, Matterport, floor plans and more all in one place.

    Interactive Online Feature Sheet Brochures

    Professional Staging

    Staged homes sell for more money than those that aren’t staged. This has been proven over and over. The reason is that buyers have difficulty imagining a space differently from how they are seeing it. Professional Staging shows your home’s highest potential. It also creates emotion in a buyer, and that’s a very good thing, since most home purchases involve a high level of emotion. You don’t need to stage your home to sell it, but you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

    MEGA Open House

    An open house, done right, can be an amazing opportunity to get qualified buyers in to see your home. Many buyers prefer open houses because they feel less pressure than if they book a private showing with a Realtor. Often, buyers fall in love with a home they didn’t expect to get excited about. We put much effort into every open house we host. From personally inviting the neighbours (if you are curious…ask us why we do this!), to intensely focused Facebook marketing, and lots of directional signs, we strive to have the busiest open house possible. The MEGA open house.


    Pre-inspection reports

    Remember when we said that buyers are driven by emotion? Selling your own home is also an emotional process for many reasons. It can be exhausting to prepare, clean, stage, and maintain a home during the period that you are on the market.

    Experience has taught us that the traditional practice of allowing buyers to have a home inspection at their sole option, and to their satisfaction, can contribute to an unpleasant roller coaster of emotions. Receiving an offer is exciting, accepting one – even more so! Logic tells us that the house is not *really* sold until the conditions (including inspections) are fulfilled, but emotions often well up anyway and sellers mentally move on to the next stage of the process.

    When a buyer’s inspection turns up a surprise problem, and they either walk away or try to re-negotiate the deal, it can feel like a gut-punch.

    We recommend to our sellers that they consider having their house professionally inspected and make the written report available to potential buyers. The benefits to you as a seller are many:

    • You are made aware of any issues before any buyer sees the property. This allows you to decide, without time pressure, whether to repair it, provide estimates for its repair, or simply disclose it and adjust the expectation of the selling price accordingly.
    • It creates trust in a buyer who sees that you are honest and transparent when presenting your property for sale.
    • It sets you apart from other properties by providing information that they buyer would have had to pay for otherwise, potentially resulting in a firm offer.

    Window cleaning

    Selling your home means you’re juggling a hundred different jobs and we feel that cleaning your windows shouldn’t be one of them. Let us hire our professional window cleaners. We like to focus on the windows for a few reasons. 1- They are often overlooked during regular cleaning. 2- Everyone dreads having to do the job. 3- Clean Windows make a HUGE difference in photos, in video, and in person.

    Moving Boxes

    Although not directly related to marketing, we can guarantee you’re going to need a few of these. You’re also going to need them sooner than you think. We always urge our sellers, long before the house is on the market, to start decluttering and packing items they won’t need before moving. This helps when it comes time to stage and show the house, and it makes the final packing process before the big move a lot easier.

    We love what we do, and we work hard to provide you with a marketing plan that results in a quick and profitable sale.

    *We offer tailored combinations of strategies and marketing plans for each individual client and/or property. Our commission structure reflects the marketing methods that are selected.