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Most people feel that buying Real Estate is a must. But is it really? Truthfully there are some who are more cut out for home ownership than others. This video shares a few of my thoughts on the topic.

Protect Yourself... and your family! Knowing what you are signing is very important - it could effect your heirs! Watch this video for just one example that you may not have known is in the Ontario Purchase and Sale Agreement.

It happens! Especially in a hot market or one that is slowing down. You've offered on a property only to be told AFTER removing conditions that the house didn't appraise for what you paid. Now what? There are things you can do before this happens to limit the chances of it happening to you.

With 71 acres to roam about, Gage park is a gorgeous place to visit while in Hamilton. Some activities include: Lawn bowling, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, festivals, children's splash pad, playground, children's museum, rose garden and much more. Its the perfect place to...

RRSP Tips For First Time Home Buyers. Smart Tips for Home Buyers

Qualify For Mortgage or Buy House First?

Need a Mortgage? This video will explain the difference between a bank and a mortgage broker when its time to get a mortgage.